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josh from microphone basics with his guitar

Welcome to Microphone Basics, I'm Josh Lenz.

My team and I love making music, recording podcasts, shooting (great sounding) YouTube videos and we've been audio geeks for years.

After being asked a BILLION times in comments, on social and from friends "Which mic should I buy?"

It became apparent we needed to write it all down and share our tips and recommendations with the world!

What We Do

Microphone basics’ #1 goal is to help content creators find the best microphones to accomplish their goals… period. 

Every creative person needs the right microphone for the job. If you've got that, you'll always be able to record great  audio for the projects that drive you. 

But that takes time... And creates expenses like hosting, website themes and buying more microphones to test...

How do we make enough money to keep the lights on?

Microphone Basics Is User Supported From Readers Like You!

But you don't have to 'pay' anything for our expert advice!

It's called affiliate marketing and here's how it works...

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This is an affiliate program where we earn commission fees when our users click through our site and complete their purchase on Amazon within 24 hours. 

It's important to know that this costs you nothing.

You pay the exact same price whether we earned a commission or not...  

Do Commissions Impact Our Microphone Choices?

Absolutely not. 

Our top microphone choices in each review are based on a process of in-depth research by our team of experts. 

Our research is focused mostly on what our team uses for their projects. If it's good enough for us, we recommend it.

We also interview other experts to get their opinion and purchase microphones for real-world testing in studio.

We then take all of this information, weigh the pros and cons of each and every mic, and create our top mic lists to help you achieve your audio goals on YOUR specific budget. 

If we can recommend a less expensive microphone (that pays lower commission) because it gives pro-level quality...

We'll recommend the budget option EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

We aren't made of money, either. We appreciate VALUE and want to share these inexpensive SUPER high-quality options.

Do We Get Paid To Recommend Certain Microphones?

We absolutely DO NOT get paid to recommend certain microphones.  We DO NOT accept sponsored posts!

The microphones we recommend are, in our opinion, the best microphones on the market for their intended use. 

Too many companies try to 'game the system' and falsify reviews by paying bloggers for exposure... 

That goes against everything we stand for and we will not participate.

Do We Get Paid More To Give Certain Microphones A Better Score?

Absolutely not.

We choose our favorite mics… the mics that are going to give our readers the best value for the money.

The opinions of our experts ARE NOT for sale!

Still Curious About Us?

If you still have questions about us, our site, how we operate, or products that we have or have not reviewed, please feel free to reach out to us using the contact us button below. Or, you can click here to meet the team.

In the meantime… keep creating and pursuing your goals. Your art is important! 

And when you find yourself in need of the right mic and the recording tips to get the job done… well, you’ll know where to find us!