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Detailed reviews and analysis of the best microphones for every situation… For podcasters, YouTubers, vocalists and more

AKG D112 mkii Review – On Stage And In The Studio

One mic that we get a lot of questions about is the AKG D112. If you’ve stepped foot in a recording studio, you’ve probably seen a huge range of microphones, each with their own purposes. In this review, however, we will be looking specifically at the AKG D112 mkii, an affordable kick drum mic that […]

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Android Microphone – Best External Microphone For Android Phones

android microphone

It’s hard to believe that just twenty years ago, a phone was pretty much just good for making calls (and occasionally whacking your younger siblings when they were being annoying while you were trying to have a serious conversation with your BFF). Nowadays, like it or not, our civilization would be completely lost without our […]

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Best Mic Preamps In 2020 (Reviewed, Ranked & Recommended)

Best mic preamp

Music is your passion. From a young age, you’ve been taking lessons, spending hour after hour practicing until your arms ache, your fingers bleed, and you’re not sure you can think in words anymore… it’s all a series of notes in your brain. And now, all of that hard work has actually paid off. Finally, […]

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11 Best Mics for YouTube Gaming, Streaming, And Twitch

Looking for the best mic for YouTube gaming? Why play games alone when you can broadcast your gaming adventures to the entire world? Youtube is the biggest place on the internet today for creatives and their followers to come together and enjoy content that covers every topic. It’s such a commanding force in the entertainment […]

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Top 15 Best Dynamic Microphones Worth Your Money In 2020

Are you looking for the best dynamic microphones in the business? Professional producers….. are you ready to take your recordings to the next level? Home studio musicians….. are you ready to compete with the quality of the best recording studios? Podcast creators and broadcasters …… are you ready to deliver your show to the highest […]

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