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Top 49 Gifts for Streamers – Best Streamer Gift Ideas for 2021

Streamers love their tech and their studios… there’s no getting around it!

It doesn’t matter if they’re die-hard gamers, specialists, or in real life (IRL) streamers… a streamer needs to look good and sound even better.

So, if you are going to get them an unforgettable gift, you’ll need to pick something that will up their game and help them win more followers!

This definitive guide will hold your hand from start to finish in your quest for the perfect gift for that special streamer…

No matter the occasion, one of these 49 gifts (or a couple if you’re feeling generous) will make your streamer as happy as a six-year-old on Christmas morning!

And, if by chance, you’re a streamer looking to treat yourself, then you’re also in the right place – we don’t judge 🙂

What’s the best streamer gift?

In this article:

The Winners: The Best Gifts for Streamers

The Top Gift For Any Streamer – GoXLR Mini

GoXLR Mini
The fastest way to upgrade a stream is by enhancing viewer experience with transitions and crystal clear audio from a microphone or headset.
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The greatest gift you can give any streamer. Without a shadow of a doubt.

They will be jumping for joy when they unwrap a brand-new Go XLR Mini!


This simple and easy-to-use audio mixer will improve their stream’s sound quality like MAD!

Not only will they sound like a pro, but they’ll also be able to free up their studio from tons of cords and cables because this tiny all-in-one device will replace dozens of the audio products they’re currently using. Win-win!

It is the GoXLR’s cheaper little brother… but don’t worry for even a second, you won’t lose out if you pick this version!

Despite its lower price tag, the Mini has all of the same core features and stunning build quality as the original GoXLR. It even comes equipped with better sliders that’ll make sound mixing a breeze. You simply cannot ask for more value!

Key Features of the GoXLR Mini:

  • Multiple inputs for microphones or headsets
  • Stereo outputs for the best possible audio experience in any studio
  • Easy to control and setup thanks to the GoXLR Mini App
  • Powered by an included USB cable

Runner Up – ASTRO Gaming A50

Astro A50 Wireless
The best wireless headset on the market thanks to cinematic-grade surround sound, excellent battery life, a crisp built-in mic, and ultra-durable build quality.
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Coming in second place, we have a legendary headset… a product on almost every gamer’s wishlist.

Nothing enhances the experience of online gaming more than this high-quality headset.

The ASTRO Gaming A50’s excellent 7.1 simulated Surround Sound transports you directly into the heat of the battlefield, where you’ll even hear bullets whizzing by your head! As you seek cover, you can talk tactics with your team via its great mic and reorganize on the fly.

A gamer’s dream.

If you have the budget, then there is simply no better wireless headset money can buy!

Key Features of the ASTRO Gaming A50:

  • Is extremely comfortable.
  • Has built-in audio controls.
  • Boasts an impressive 15 hours of battery life.
  • Compatible with PC (Windows 7 or later), Mac, and Xbox One (it works with PS4 too, but you’ll need to get this slightly different version).

The Best Streaming Gift Under $100 – Logitech G533

Logitech G533
An affordable Logitech headset that delivers near-professional level audio quality, long battery life, surround sound, and a wide wireless range. Pure value!
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If you fell in love with the ASTRO Gaming A50, but couldn’t quite handle the sticker shock, then the Logitech G533 wireless headset is the right choice for you!

It will make a phenomenal gift for any streamer with just one catch: its impressive 7.1 Surround Sound will only work on PCs. If you are planning on using it with consoles, then you’re better off sticking to the ASTRO, it’s well worth it!

Apart from this one inconvenience, the Logitech G533 is a truly impressive product. Pro-G audio drivers, 15-meter wireless range, 15-hour battery life, a noise-canceling microphone, and on-ear volume & mute controls.

All of this makes it the best bang for your buck when it comes to PC headsets.

Key Features of the Logitech G533:

  • DTS 7.1 Surround Sound (PCs only)
  • Pro-G audio drivers deliver incredible performance
  • Strong yet lightweight and comfortable design
  • Compatible with PC (Windows 7 or later) and Mac (OSX 10.11 or later)

Runner Up Under $100 – Vitesse Gaming Chair

Vitesse Gaming Chair
Say goodbye to back pain and cramps during long streams thanks to the ridiculously comfortable and well-built Vitesse gaming chair.
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Have you noticed that your giftee is sitting in an old, uncomfortable chair during their streams? Or maybe they’ve been complaining about back pain after their 10-hour marathon sessions?

Then it’s right about time to get them sat in the right chair: the Vitesse Gaming Chair.

Despite having gaming in its product name, this chair is perfect for any streamer that spends the majority of their broadcast sitting down.

It has a strong metal frame and a soft padded headrest, armrest, and lumbar support. Combine these features with an ergonomic design and premium rubber caster wheels, and you have one of the most comfortable desk chairs available on the market.

And when we say it’s comfortable, we mean it… we’ve already fallen asleep twice in it 🙂

So go ahead and order this chair, you’re streamer will never dread sitting down for a long time again!

Key Features of the Vitesse Gaming Chair:

  • Racing car seat design with a deep seat and a wide backrest
  • Full 360-degree swivel
  • Adjustable backrest with a 90°-180° movement
  • Supports your entire spine thanks to removable headrest and lumbar pillows

The Best Streaming Gift Under $50 – HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger
The HyperX Cloud Stinger offers excellent sound quality and lightweight comfort, making it the best entry-level wired gaming headset we’ve tested to date!
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On a strict budget and not impressed by wireless headsets? Then our fifth-place product is the choice for you!

The HyperX Cloud Stinger offers incredible value for money and the gaming community has taken notice. It is consistently the #1 selling PC gaming headset in the U.S. and for good reason!

It’s a lightweight headset that takes a user’s comfort seriously thanks to 90-degree rotating ear cups and memory foam padding. But it doesn’t just fit snuggly, it also delivers where it matters most by effectively canceling out background noise and offering gaming-grade audio quality.

And one more thing, HyperX has also added a secret time-saving trick to this headset: you can mute the noise-canceling microphone by flipping it vertically.

Key Features of the HyperX Cloud Stinger:

  • 50mm directional drivers
  • Adjustable, solid steel slider
  • Up to 3m (9.8ft) of cable length thanks to the included extension
  • Only weighs 275 grams

The Second Best Gift Under $50 For Streamers – Mpow H5

Mpow H5
Active noise cancelation technology makes the Mpow H5 an excellent budget gift for any non-gaming streamer that needs a quality headset to use whilst they’re out and about.
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The last headset to make into our top 8 streamer gifts list is the Mpow H5 headset.

If your recipient isn’t a hardcore gamer and you’re looking to get them a fancy gift on the cheap, then this headset is a perfect idea!

The Mpow H5 is very well suited for IRL streamers, who enjoy broadcasting in noisy locations, and ‘just chatting’ streamers, who are fast becoming one of the hottest sensations on Twitch.

Another reason to buy is that this headset isn’t just great for streaming, it also comes in handy for listening to music, watching movies, or simply drowning out the annoying noise of city traffic, a plane cabin, or a busy office.

Key Features of the Mpow H5:

  • Active noise cancellation (ANC) technology
  • 10m of operation range thanks to Bluetooth 4.1
  • Up to 30 hours of battery life
  • Built-in CVC microphone
  • Dual 40mm large-aperture drivers

The Best Cheap Streaming Gift – Smart LED Strip Lights

Smart LED Strip Lights
A cheap and easy way to upgrade a streamer’s studio and help them stand out with a cascade of colored lighting in the background.
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If you are on a tight budget, you’re probably worrying that you won’t be able to afford anything nice for your streamer…

Thankfully you’re wrong!

You can get them a roll of Smart LED Strip Lights for their streaming studio! These will add a ton of color to their background and make their room look cool.

Most people who stream underestimate the impact of having a decorated room behind them. It makes you look fun, interesting, and stand out in a competitive market.

A couple of ideas for spicing up a stream include: linking the LED lights to the streamer’s brand colors, or using the LED lights’ music mode so they flash and change color whilst gaming. Pretty cool!

Oh, and another plus, these lights are super easy to control, dim, or turn on/off via WiFi, Bluetooth, or a control box.

Key Features of the SMART LED Strip Lights:

  • 3 kinds of LEDs: warm white, cool white, and 16 million color RGB beads
  • 2m (6.6ft) long
  • Works with both Alexa and Google Home
  • Easily sticks to any dry, flat surface
  • The lights flash and change color in sync with music

The Alternative Cheap Gift For Streamers – AIXPI Ring Light

AIXPI Ring Light
Small in size but powerful, the AIXPI Ring Light is an affordable way to create a professional lighting environment for streamers wanting to look crisper on camera.
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When it comes to looking good on camera, there’s nothing quite as important as getting the lighting just right. Too little, or too much, and your audience will be wondering what’s wrong.

It used to cost thousands of dollars to set up a professional lighting environment, but nowadays we can get it done for a fraction of the price.

Gift an AIXPI Ring Light to a streamer and their followers will thank you for it… and so will your wallet as this product offers unbelievable value!

It is easy-to-set-up, easy-to-use, and lightweight. The AIXPI doesn’t take up much desk space, but it still packs incredible lighting power thanks to 120 LED bulbs – way more than enough for most streamers!

It also comes with a handy tripod, a mobile phone clip, and a pad-tilt for attaching cameras. No matter your preferred setup, AIXPI has planned for it to work straight out of the box.

Key Features of the AIXPI Ring Light:

  • 10″ ring light with a 360° rotation angle
  • 3 lighting modes (white, warm yellow, warm white)
  • 10 adjustable brightness levels
  • USB powered

The Streamer Gift Guide – 41 More Gift Ideas for Friends and Family Who Stream

What gift should you get your streamer boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or couple streamers for their wedding?

Here’s how to figure out which gift is best for your favorite streamer.

Best Streaming Headsets Gifts

Ideal for streamers that:

  • Want a simple setup without an external mic
  • Spend all of their time in the same place during their stream
  • Don’t struggle with cables

The Best Wired Headset: SteelSeries Arctis Pro

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro is the best wired headset on the market. It was designed with elite gamers in mind, making it a favorite amongst esports pros and top streamers.

It’s made from sturdy luxury materials and it will guarantee you audiophile-grade sound quality, DTS Surround Sound, and a near studio-quality bidirectional microphone.

Our Wired Headset Choice For Less than $100: HyperX Cloud II

HyperX Cloud II
If the SteelSeries Arctis Pro is a bit too much headset for your streaming needs, then the HyperX Cloud II is an excellent alternative. For less than a hundred bucks, you can pick up a sweet product that also features 7.1 virtual Surround Sound, a noise-canceling microphone, and great audio performance.
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Our Favorite Wired Headset Gift Idea Under $50: HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger
On a really tight budget? Don’t panic: Get the HyperX Cloud Stinger. This is the ideal headset for streamers and gamers that value lightweight comfort and a swivel-to-mute noise-canceling microphone. Its only drawback is that it doesn’t have Surround Sound. But if you can live without it, you’ll still enjoy high-quality stereo audio.
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Best Wireless Headset Gifts

Best suited for people who stream that:

  • Are always on the move
  • Have terrible cable management
  • Want to connect to multiple devices at the same time
  • Use them for outdoor activities like IRL streaming

The Best Wireless Headset: ASTRO Gaming A50

If you are looking for the king of the wireless headset kingdom, then behold the ASTRO Gaming A50.

This headset is a legend in the online gaming community thanks to its ability to combine unimaginable sound quality with the convenience and freedom of wireless technology.

Our Pick For A Streaming Wireless Headset Under $100: Logitech G533

Logitech G533

This choice is great for anyone gaming or streaming on a tight budget. Logitech designed this device's drivers to deliver the environmental effects and positional audio just as the game designers intended you to hear them.

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Amazed by the ASTRO, but just don’t have that much lying around to spend on a gift? Get the Logitech G533.

This headset still delivers excellent wireless audio performance and 7.1 Surround Sound (on PCs only). It also has incredible battery life (15 hours) and a long operation range (15 meters).

The Best Wireless Headset Under $50: Mpow H5

If you aren’t bothered with Surround Sound and want to spend even less on a reliable headset, then you’ll want the Mpow H5.

Thanks to noise cancellation technology and high-quality stereo sound, you’ll be able to use these even in the loudest live streams.

Mixers That Make the Perfect Present

Ideal for people who stream that:

  • Want to take their audio setup to the professional level
  • Have a ton of audio hardware clogging up their studio and want an all-in-one solution

The Absolute Best Mixer for Streamers: GoXLR

The GoXLR is an all-in-one audio mixer specifically made for streamers and online broadcasters. It combines the functionality of dozens of pieces of software and hardware into a single beautifully-designed product.

A few examples of what you can do: mix audio, change your voice, and playback samples in real-time.

The Best Gift For Any Streamer: GoXLR Mini

The Go XLR Mini is the ultimate gift for a streamer. Real value for money!

It’s the GoXLR’s little brother… but it packs all of the same core features and stunning build quality at a much lower price. The result: a simple, reasonably-priced audio mixer that will improve your sound quality like MAD!

Our Favorite Cheap Streaming Audio Mixer: ALPOWL Mini Sound Mixer

The ALPOWL Mini Sound Mixer is our entry-level audio mixer of choice.

It fits even the tightest of budgets and, despite not being professional-grade, it still provides beginners and amateurs with enough sound quality and funky effects to start growing their fan base.

Top Headphone Gifts

Recommended for a streamer that:

  • Is a sound buff and complains about current sound quality
  • Already has an external mic or plans to get one
  • Wants to use them for other activities like listening to music

The Best Streaming Headphones: beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO studio headphones are a thing of beauty. Handcrafted in Germany from the finest materials, they are sure to turn heads.

And what to say about their sound quality? INCREDIBLE. That sums it up nicely. If you have (or plan to get) an external mic and funds aren’t an issue, then buy these!

Our Favorite Headphones Under $100: Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

The Audio-Technica ATH-M40x is one of the best headphones on the market and at under a hundred bucks it’s a steal!

You’ll secure fantastic sound quality, reliable build quality, and superior comfort for any streamer lucky enough to receive these a gift.

Headphone Gift Idea For Less Than $50: AKG Pro Audio K72

AKG Pro Audio K72 headphones are an extremely stylish option if you’re on a strict budget.

But they’re not just beautiful, they’re also durable, well-built and comfortable. And they deliver the clearest sound in this price category thanks to professional-grade drivers!

The Best Microphone Gifts

Great for streamers that:

  • Already have excellent headphones, but suffer from sound issues when they speak
  • Struggle with outside noise interference or loud mechanical keyboards

The Best XLR Mic For Streamers: Shure SM7B

Shure SM7B

Expect smooth and spotless vocals with the SM7B. Used by many professional and well-known podcasters, this mic brings true professionalism to the table.

Buy Now on Amazon Buy Now on Sweetwater

The Shure SM7B is the best XLR microphone you’ll be able to find anywhere on the market.

It’ll upgrade your stream’s voice recording quality to the level of a professional music studio… and it’ll also make quick work of any annoying electromagnetic interference or background noise.

Our Favorite XLR Mic Under $100: sE Electronics X1 A

sE Electronics X1

The X1 gives you a large diaphragm condenser option that stands up to even more expensive mics, but at a fraction of the price. It boasts fantastic, neutral tones and a strong, healthy low range, while giving you excellent highs as well.

Buy Now on Amazon Buy Now on Sweetwater

The sE Electronics X1 A is a cardioid condenser microphone that offers astounding voice recording capabilities and professional specifications for the price of an entry-level mic.

Huge bank for your buck especially when you consider its ability to eliminate low-frequency rumbles and background noise, its all-metal chassis, and its integrated windscreen.

The Best USB Mic For Streamers and Gamers: HyperX QuadCast

HyperX QuadCast

The HyperX QuadCast has lots of bells and whistles, like an included shock mount… plus the internal pop filter, gain control, and the mute sensor that allows you to stop and start your recording whenever you want!

Buy Now on Amazon Buy Now on Sweetwater

Not interested in going XLR compatible or unsure whether your giftee has this connection? Not a problem!

Pick a USB microphone, and specifically the nearly flawless HyperX QuadCast. This gaming favorite is an all-inclusive standalone condenser mic with ridiculously impressive sound quality and four polar patterns.

Our Favorite USB Mic Under $50: Samson Go Mic

Samson Go Mic

The Samson Go Mic is perfect for anyone on the road or on the move. Foldable and compact, this is your dream come true if you don’t have an at-home studio set-up!

Buy Now on Amazon Buy Now on Sweetwater

The Samson Go Mic is another great option for those looking to gift a USB microphone. It is a plug-and-play studio mic that delivers broadcast quality sound directly to your PC or Mac.

It easily clips to any computer, stand, or desk, and it’s been intelligently designed to compactly fold-up when not in use.

The Perfect Budget Gift: Streaming USB Hubs

You literally cannot go wrong if you get your favorite streamer a high-quality USB hub! Anyone with a serious setup will be drowning in USB cables, so this is your chance to throw them a lifeline.

The Best Streaming USB Hub: Anker USB 3.0

If your giftee is struggling to connect all their cool USB streaming gadgets to their computer, then the heavy-duty Anker USB 3.0 is the perfect gift to send their way.

This 10-port hub is sleekly designed and features one fast-charging port and a high-power 60W adapter to ensure fast stable data transfer.

The Best Price-Value USB Hub For Streamers: Sabrent 60W

The Sabrent 60W allows streamers to attach their full collection of USB devices to one super quick hub with 7 USB 3.0 ports and 3 smart ports for lighting fast charging.

This plug-and-play product also features individual power switches on each port.

Our Favorite Cheap Option: Anker 4-Port USB 3.0

The Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 is a compact 4-port USB data hub with high-speed data transfer and a long enough cable to work in any streamer’s workspace. Ideal for those often on the go, as it adds a ton of connectivity whilst taking up the space of a pack of gum!

Look Sharp: The Best Camera Gifts

Awesome gift if:

  • You notice your streamer is looking a bit fuzzy or unclear on their streams – maybe they’re still using their built-in webcam!

The Best Streaming Camera: Sony Alpha a6400

The Sony Alpha a6400 is the heavyweight champion of the world.

It is an advanced APS-C camera with a 24.2 MP Exmor CMOS sensor, internal 4K recording, and the World’s fastest autofocus speed at 0.02 sec. Translated into plain English this means it is a dream come true!

Our Choice For A Streaming Camera Under $200: Razer Kiyo

The Sony a6400 carries a hefty price tag, and that’s simply not for everyone.

This is where the Razer Kiyo swoops in. It offers a ton more value because it was specifically designed with streamers in mind. It features a powerful, multi-step ring light, and the ability to broadcast at 60 fps. Ideal for professional streaming!

Our Favorite Camera For Streamers Under $150: Logitech C920 Hd Pro

One price point below you can find the Logitech C920 Hd Pro.

Not quite as good as the market-leading Razer, but it’s still an excellent piece of tech that streams in excellent quality Full HD 1080p video.

Our Streaming Camera Pick For Less Than $50: Gospace 1080P Webcam

For a fraction of the cost of our favorite market-leading cameras, you can get your hands on a good Full HD Gospace 1080P Webcam. A fantastic deal!

It’s also really easy to use, making it a great entry-level gift for any streamer just getting started.

Best Lighting Gifts for Streamers

Best for streamers that:

  • Go live from low-light locations like a gaming studio
  • Don’t look sharp or natural
  • Are using simple, DIY solutions for their current lighting

The Best Streaming Lights: Neewer 660

The Neewer 600 is our favorite choice when we need to create a professional lighting environment in a streaming studio.

For a reasonable price, you can secure a set of 3 standing LED video lights with a dimmable bi-color LED panel, an LCD Screen, and a 2.4G Wireless Remote.

Our Favorite Light For Streamers Under $100: Neewer Ring Light Kit 18″

Neewer Ring Light Kit:18"

Whatever lens you're looking through, the Neewer Ring Light Kit: 18" is as good as you can get for the price.

Buy Now on Amazon Buy Now on Sweetwater

The Neewer Ring Light Kit 18″ is another excellent gift idea for in-studio streamers without space for 3 large standing lights.

This compact light features a powerful 5500K dimmable LED ring light, an adapter for DSLR cameras, a smartphone holder, and an aluminum alloy stand.

Our Pick For A Streaming Light Under $50: AIXPI

An even smaller and cheaper alternative is the AIXPI Ring Light.

At only 10 inches, it won’t take up much space on your desk, but it’ll still pack incredible lighting power thanks to 120 bulbs!

Top 3 LED Background Lights

Awesome for:

  • Adding a ton of background color to a studio
  • Making a stream look more professional, personal, and on-brand

The Best LED Light For A Streaming Studio: Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit

If you are looking to create a lighting masterpiece in your stream’s background, look no further than the Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit.

The Canvas is made up of touch-controllable LED light squares that can be used freely to create any shape or pattern. Whatever you do, it is sure to add flair to your online persona!

Our Favorite Under $100: LIFX Z LED Strip Starter Kit

Like the idea of LED lights, but think that the Nanoleaf Canvas is a bit too much?

Then get your favorite streamer a LIFX Z LED Strip Starter Kit! They’ll have a 1m long strip with 8 uniquely addressable zones to create a flood of multicolor light in their stream’s background.

Our Favorite Under $50: Smart LED Strip Lights

If you have an even tighter budget, then pick these Smart LED Strip Lights!

They won’t be able to create multiple colors on just one strip like the LIFX, but they will add a ton of color to a streamer’s background and make their room look really cool.

Chairs Fit For A Streamer

Best suited if a streamer is:

  • Using a simple chair
  • Complaining about back pain

The Best Streaming Chair On The Market: RESPAWN OMEGA-Xi

The RESPAWN OMEGA-Xi is a race car style gaming chair that provides both a sense of luxury and ultimate comfort to whoever sits in it.

It even has an extendable footrest and a 155-degree tilt… meaning you’ll never stand up aching again!

Our Pick For Less Than $100: Vitesse Gaming Chair

Vitesse Gaming Chair
Say goodbye to back pain and cramps during long streams thanks to the ridiculously comfortable and well-built Vitesse gaming chair.
Buy Now on Amazon Buy Now on Sweetwater

The ergonomically designed Vitesse Gaming Chair is perfect for any streamer that spends the majority of their broadcast sitting down.

Coming in at half of the price of the RESPAWN for well over half the quality, this chair is both extremely comfortable and an excellent deal for bargain hunters.

Streaming Glove Gift Ideas

Recommended when a streamer suffers from:

  • Sweaty (and slippy) hands
  • Hand pain or inflammation

The Best Gloves For Streamers: Foamy Lizard

If the streamer in your life suffers from sweaty palms, then you need to give them a pair of Foamy Lizard gaming gloves.

Their exposed fingertip design means you won’t need to sacrifice fidelity and comfort in order to improve controller grip. Win, win, win!

The Best Cheap Option: DISUPPO Arthritis Compression Gloves

DISUPPO Arthritis Compression Gloves are the right choice if you are looking for a pair of budget gloves that will help relieve joint and hand pains or alleviate the symptoms of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Best Stream Deck Gifts

Great for serious or professional streamers that:

  • Want to save time by setting up one-click shortcut buttons for all their favorite actions, animations, and effects.

The Winner: Elgato Stream Deck

The Elgato Stream Deck is hands down the best deck you can buy.

It places 15 customizable LCD keys at your fingertips, so you can control your entire studio with the click of a single button: switch cameras, launch media, tweet, trigger transitions, and much, much more.

The Runner Up: Elgato Stream Deck Mini

The Elgato Stream Deck Mini is almost exactly like its bigger brother, but with one major difference: it only has 6 LCD keys.

This makes a cheaper gift that’s great for most amateur streamers. But we’d rather stick to the larger setup if you can afford it, as you’ll avoid quickly maxing out on your shortcut keys.

Capture Cards Gift Ideas

An essential for all gamers that use consoles and dual PC setups (one for gaming, one for streaming), but not necessary if they game and stream from a single PC. They’re also used to connect a camera to a computer for other types of streaming.

The Best Capture Card For Gamers: Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro MK.2

The Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro MK.2 is a recording powerhouse for serious gaming streamers.

This capture card takes production quality to a new extreme by supporting 4K resolution, HDR imaging, and working flawlessly with the streamer’s favorite tools and platforms.

The Best Price-Value Streaming Option: Elgato Cam Link 4K

The Elgato Cam Link 4K is the perfect compact tool for creating professional visual content.

A streamer can simply link their camera to their computer via this device, and then they’re ready to broadcast live without lag thanks to its ultra-low latency technology.

Our Favorite Cheap Streaming Capture Card: LEADNOVO Audio Video Capture Card

Amateur streamers look no further!

If you’re looking to start sharing your gameplay or content, this is all you need. The LEADNOVO Audio Video Capture Card is a stylish video recording device that is easy to install and carry, making it ideal for live streams.

Top 3 Green Screens For Streamers

Excellent for a streamer that:

  • Has an uninspiring or messy background that needs upgrading.
  • Would benefit from a more interactive stream – like appearing directly over their gameplay!

The Best Green Screen For A Streamer: Elgato Green Screen

The Elgato Green Screen is a rocksteady solution optimized even for the tightest streaming studios.

It sets the stage for truly immersive streaming in a matter of seconds thanks to its simple flip-open case and pneumatic x-frame.

Our Favorite Streaming Green Screen Under $100: Emart Photo Video Studio

The Emart Photo Video Studio is a background kit with great chromakey compatibility, which lets streamers set up whatever virtual background they can think of.

Durability and portability are Emart’s priority: an aluminum frame and a machine-washable cotton screen arrive in a neat protective bag that can be used for storage.

Our Budget Choice Under $50: Emart 6 x 9 ft Photography Backdrop

For a lower-cost green screen alternative, Emart 6 x 9 ft Photography Backdrop is the way to go thanks to its seamless cotton fabric screen.

And no need to worry about stains ruining your stream’s crease-free background, as you can just toss it in the washing machine and iron it flat to make it good as new.

Summing It All Up: The Best Gifts You Can Give A Streamer

Well, that’s it!

You now have all the information you need to pick the perfect gift for the streamer in your life… without getting lost in the confusing jargon and tech specifics of the million and one products streamers use to deliver a fantastic viewing experience.

Don’t spend any more time researching, order your favorite product from the 41 options we’ve just shown you without hesitating!

Whichever gadget you pick is sure to bring a huge smile to your streamer’s face 🙂