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11 Best Mics for YouTube Gaming, Streaming, And Twitch

This post was most recently updated on May 19th, 2024

Quick-Access To The Best Mics for YouTube Gaming, Streaming, And Twitch 👇

Our Top Picks Brand
Top Pick 🏆 HyperX QuadCast
Runner Up 🥇 Razer Seiren Elite
Best Budget 🥈 Fifine K669B
Best XLR Bundle Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio
Best Budget Bundle MAONO AU-PM401

Looking for the best mic for YouTube gaming?

Why play games alone when you can broadcast your gaming adventures to the entire world?

Youtube is the biggest place on the internet today for creatives and their followers to come together and enjoy content that covers every topic. It’s such a commanding force in the entertainment world that in many ways, Youtube has replaced conventional television. The demand for both YouTube and Twitch as gaming platforms is real.

Due to this demand, consumers now expect their Youtube heroes to deliver content that is not only entertaining and engaging, but that is also made to high quality standards.

For content creators, this involves setting up your content workflow with the best mic that you can afford. Your viewers will be consuming your content as videos on Youtube, live on Twitch, and across other social media platforms… so you have to make sure your audio sounds its best.

HyperX QuadCast
The QuadCast is the best for YouTube content creators. It’s easy to plug-in and run with, and comes complete with a ton of helpful features!
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Let’s take a look at 11 of the best microphones for a Youtube gamer to use for recording and streaming.

Where Do I Start?

Buying a microphone is a big task if you are new to the YouTube gaming world.

There are, admittedly, a lot of things to consider.

Most of the microphones listed in this article are condenser style mics. Condenser mics tend to work much better in a streaming or recording setup, as they capture a wider range of vocal subtitles and nuances.

They also have a more open and ambient sound. If you want to capture some of the room around you, a condenser will work great.

A dynamic mic is a more direct signal… and while they will work just fine, they will often sound drier and more raw.

When it comes to making great Youtube gaming content, you want your listeners to feel like they are in the same room as you. So getting a condenser mic to capture that sense of “the room” will certainly be a good start.

Microphones Come In A Wide Range Of Types, Styles, And Price Ranges

Microphones come in all shapes and sizes. In this list, we’ve looked at 11 mics with different feature sets and options to suit all budgets and needs.

Professional microphones can be on the higher end of the price scale, but we’ve looked at some microphones that deliver top quality without breaking the bank as well.

With that being said, however, you don’t have to overthink this part. The general consensus is that you want a mic that…

  • Captures great audio
  • Fits into your price range
  • Has positive customer reviews
  • Comes alongside current goals and future needs

Plug and Play Now vs. Expandability for the Future

Many of the microphones in this list are plug and play mics that connect to your computer or laptop via usb cable.

The benefit of this is that minimal setup is required. You can, as the name suggests, simply plug it in and get to work.

These mics power themselves and act as their own audio interface with your streaming or recording software.

A great example of this is the HyperX QuadCast.

But I have also included a couple of XLR style microphones with hardware interfaces in this list as well.

While these may require a little extra setup time, they are still worth considering. The benefits of a cabled XLR style microphone and external interface are all based on growth and expansion.
If you already have an audio interface setup, it’s quite easy to update the microphone that you are using for gaming, streaming, or Youtube use.

The Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio bundle is a perfect example of this. Such a setup will last you years, but you can always upgrade the XLR mic and just plug it into your existing system with a setup like this.

The Downside Is That It Requires A More Complicated Setup Process In The Beginning

But if you’re serious about doing YouTube streams, it might be worth it!

And to be quite honest, your selection is far broader if you go with XLR mics as opposed to USB mics.

This means that you can start off with one of the many lower priced microphones for Youtube, and then as your channel on Youtube or Twitch grows and the demand for quality increases, you can upgrade your microphone easier without any driver or system changes.

Let’s dive in.

11 Best Mics For YouTube Gaming


Best: HyperX Quadcast

HyperX QuadCast
The QuadCast is the best for YouTube content creators. It’s easy to plug-in and run with, and comes complete with a ton of helpful features!
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The Quadcast by HyperX is a standalone microphone that connects to your computer with a USB, and is jam packed with features. There are enough options here for any mic fanatic.

The switchable polar pattern with four options makes this an incredibly versatile microphone for streaming, gaming, and general use. It comes with it’s own anti-vibration shock mount so any unwanted interference from movements and footsteps won’t come through on your gaming stream. For those moments where you need total silence, the top of the unit is a touch-sensitive mute button so you can kill the audio with a flick of the wrist.

The bottom of the unit is twistable to adjust the level of gain to add more power to your recording if needed. There are just a lot of reasons to use the HyperX Quadcast for YouTube and streaming.

It’s just a really, really competitive mic in its price range.

HyperX Quadcast Key Features:

  • USB condenser
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20k Hz
  • Switchable polar pattern (Cardioid, bidirectional, Omnidirectional and Stereo)
  • Anti-vibration Shockmount
  • Tap Mute sensor with LED status indicator
  • Gain control to control microphone sensitivity
  • Internal Pop filter
  • Built in headphone jack
  • 48kHz/16-bit Sample/Bit rate

Runner Up: Razer Seiren Elite

Razer Seiren Elite

This mic contains a high-pass filter which is extremely helpful for YouTube users. It will definitely take your gaming vids to the next level.

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The Seiran Elite is a pro-grade dynamic microphone that was specifically built with streamers in-mind. It has an in-built high-pass filter that delivers crisp, clean voiceovers, while also reducing any unwanted low frequency interference.

I think all microphones for Youtube should contain a high-pass filter, as they really clean up any unwanted noise. If your streams get a bit loud and crazy, fear not. Razer has also built in a digital/analogue crossover limiter to prevent any unwanted clipping and distortion.

The Seiren Elite has a 3.5mm output for direct, zero latency monitoring on headphones as you work, and it comes with a desk stand and windshield to prevent plosives as you create your Youtube videos. The microphone has a single dynamic capsule that is resistant to electronic interference. Razer says that the user’s voice sounds richer, warmer, and true to life on this mic. They aren’t wrong!

Razer also states that this mic will take your gaming broadcast to the next level. All things considered, it is a solid, high-performing choice in a great price range.

Razer Seiren Elite Key Features:

  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Bit rate: 16bit
  • Cardioid-pattern dynamic mic
  • Max SPL: 120dB
  • Built in filter and limiter
  • High pass filter

Best Budget: Fifine K669B

Fifine K669B
The Fifine is the best budget mic for anyone just getting started. It gives great sounds with minimal feedback, and has USB connectability for easy hookup.
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The K669B from Fifine is the perfect budget microphone for Youtube use for anyone getting into gaming broadcasts. This mic offers crisp and clear sounds with it’s cardioid pattern capsule’s ability to separate the desired source from background noise.

This is a USB powered microphone with a sturdy metal tripod stand to sit on your desk. It is also stand mountable if you need any extra flexibility when working on your gaming videos.

Like most USB powered mics, this one does not require phantom power. It runs directly off a free USB port on your computer. This is easily the best budget microphone around for anyone looking for a great microphone for Youtube videos and gaming streams. It delivers sound quality that matches microphones in higher price brackets, and is a great start-up mic for new streamers.

Fifine K669B Key Features:

  • USB condenser microphone
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Max SPL: 30db
  • Volume knob
  • Windows and IOS compatible

Best XLR Bundle: Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio

This Focusrite studio bundle is great for anyone and everyone getting into the Youtube Gaming life. Complete with a mic, headphones, and interface, it gives you virtually everything you need to succeed.

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For anyone new to the world of microphones and streaming, this bundle from audio titans Focusrite offers incredible value for money. You get everything you need to start streaming or recording at home. Included in the bundle is Focusrite’s own branded condenser microphone, Focusrite headphones, a USB audio interface to connect to your computer, an XLR cable, a mic stand, and a pop shield.

Along with all the great hardware you get in this bundle, Focusrite also throws in a copy of Ableton Live Lite, one of the world’s leading DAW software packages. This means, if you are planning on pre-recording streams, you can record directly into Ableton and then manipulate the sound as you need. This is a fantastic all in one package.

If you want to get started with an XLR mic and don’t know where to begin, this kit will give you everything you need… and will last for years.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Key Features:

  • Everything you need to get started
  • Perfect for streaming beginners
  • Includes microphone, audio interface, pop shield and XLR cable
  • 24-bit/192 kHz recording rate
  • Includes recording software bundle

Best Budget Bundle: MAONO AU-PM401


If you want a bundle on a budget, this is the way to go! This USB mic comes with helpful features like a mute button, indicator light, and headphone connection!

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For less than $50, the Maono Bundle is a great choice if you need a few accessories on a budget.

The microphone is a USB plug and play condenser that comes with a desk mountable boom arm, similar to the ones used for mics in professional radio stations. The zero latency monitoring is handled by the in-built 3.5mm jack for headphone connection, and is perfect for real-time monitoring of your own voice as you’re streaming or recording a Youtube clip.

The mic has a mute button with an LED light that changes between red and green to let you know when the mic is in a muted state or active for talking. This is actually very useful as a visual cue in the middle of a session.

They even kindly throw in their adjustable pop shield that mounts to the boom arm, which can be flexed into any position you need.

The mic itself is a cardioid style condenser that runs at 24 bit up to 192 kHz, so there is plenty of detail in the recording of your voice. The cardioid style is fantastic at rejecting background noise, so even if you are streaming or recording in a busy environment, the mic will pick you out of the noise.

MAONO AU-PM401 Key Features:

  • USB condenser
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • 24-bit/192kHz recording rate
  • Includes a shock mount, boom arm, foam windscreen, and pop filter
  • Mute button and 3mm jack output for zero latency monitoring

Blue Snowball iCE
The super affordable, crisp sounding Blue Snowball is a mainstay for budget podcasters and streamers around the world. It makes a great vocal recording microphone and will give you fairly good audio for a price to suit all budgets.
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The Blue Snowball is often the microphone many people get when they are new to the world of recording, especially home studio recording for vocals. But in this application, it is a great choice for a gaming microphone. Other microphones have taken the all in one, plug and play format and style from the Blue Snowball. And while it is not as ‘plug and play’ as some of the newer iterations are, it still holds value.

This mic sounds great and runs totally on USB with no additional hardware needed. This simple set of features is why singers, podcasters, and streamers reach for this mic time and time again.

The only negative I can find with this microphone is that the stand is very short so it won’t work great as a close mic unless you really lean into it, which isn’t ideal in the middle of a recording session.

Blue Snowball Key Features:

  • USB condenser
  • 16-bit/44.1kHz recording rate
  • Crystal clear audio
  • 40Hz – 18kHz
Blue Yeti Nano USB Microphone
The Blue Yeti is a microphone that ends up on most best microphone lists. It a versatile and not too expensive mic that delivers the goods across a range of uses.
Buy Now on Amazon Buy Now on Sweetwater
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Look at all those amazing colors too! Can you honestly say any other microphone can be color matched to your room?

The Yeti has three condenser capsules inside, and works across multiple, switchable polarity patterns. It is perfect for vocals, voice overs, instruments, streaming, and more. The Blue Yeti also covers a range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, meaning all the subtleties of your voice within the audible sound spectrum will be captured with fine detail.

The Blue Yeti is essentially the big brother of the Blue Snowball, but with even more features… making it a great pick for anyone looking at microphones for Youtube. If you’ve tried the Snowball and you want to upgrade, the Yeti will serve you well.

Blue Yeti Key Features:

  • 3 condenser capsules for recording any situation
  • Switchable polarity patterns
  • 20Hz – 20kHz response
  • USB powered
  • Built in gain, headphone out and mute button
  • Zero latency headphone monitoring
Shure MV51
The MV51 is a mic with tons of character. It looks like it straight from the 1950s, but its sound is crisp, clear, and modern in every way.
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It has 5 switchable modes covering singing, speech, flat, loud, and acoustic instruments… meaning that it can handle whatever streaming work you plan to use it for.

Apple MFi certified

The mic is Apple MFi certified, meaning you can plug it straight into your iOS device without any additional adapters, and it will run off a MicroB to USB, or MicroB to Lightning cable. It also has a built in headphone output for real-time monitoring. For videos on the go, this mic is a great choice. Unlike other microphones mentioned here, you could take this along with your iPhone or iPad and record videos on the go.

Shure MV51 Key Features:

  • Apple MFi Certified
  • 5 modes to choose from
  • Automatically adjusts gain, eq, compression and limiting
  • Front panel touch controls
  • Integrated kickstand
  • 5/8″ thread for mic stand mounting
NEAT Beecaster Professional
The Beecaster is not a cheap mic by a long shot, but it emlooks great/em. It got a futuristic design with its hard angles, striking colors, and integrated boom arm.
Buy Now on Amazon
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There are plenty of features in this mic for all purposes, from gaming and streaming to podcasting and recording music.

The switchable modes allow you to choose from mono or stereo, with an additional wide stereo or focused stereo. Wide stereo in-particular would be great for gaming streamers with guests on their Twitch stream or Youtube videos, as you can capture multiple voices with only one mic needed.

Microphones don’t often look as cutting edge as this, but at this price point it functions just as well as it looks. This mic would look at home in a modern, sleek gaming setup and will always appear up-to-date and current.

NEAT Beecaster Professional Key Features:

  • Plug and play
  • Built in headphone amp
  • Zero latency monitoring
  • Cutting edge design
  • 24-bit/96kHz Recording rate
  • Switchable modes for mono, stereo, wide stereo and focused stereo
Beexcellent Gaming Headset
It is quite unimaginable to think of getting a high quality gaming headset mic for such a shockingly low price, but here we have the Beexcellent Gaming Headset.
Buy Now on Amazon
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This is a great mic and headphone combo, offering 3D gaming sound across a realistic 360 degree soundscape. Not only will you get to experience the gaming in a 3D sound environment, but your viewer will certainly see some realistic reactions from you as you’re in this new world. There are plenty of reasons to use a gaming headset for streaming!

The built in microphone is omnidirectional with built-in noise reduction to ensure that your voice is always crisp, clear, and the main focus of the audio.

This headset is connected straight to your computer via the included splitter cable, which is connected to the headphone output of your computer and the microphone input simultaneously. It is also compatible with other gaming consoles… such as XBox and Playstation 4.

Beexcellent Gaming Headset Key Features:

  • 360 degree soundscape
  • Adjustable boom microphone
  • Plug and play USB connection
  • Adjustable for comfort
Apogee MiC Plus
Apogee is a name in the pro audio world that plenty of people know and love.
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The Mic Plus is a usb connected condenser mic with a built-in headphone output for zero latency monitoring and recording. One of the really impressive things on offer here is the 46dB of preamp gain that you can dial-in via the volume control at the front. This means, if you’re recording a quiet source, you’ve got lots of headroom to push it up in the mix.

The Mic Plus uses plug and play technology, so you just plug it into your computer with the supplied USB cable and start streaming.

As far as microphones for Youtube go, if you’ve got a good budget this is an excellent choice. In the world of microphones, this mic is certainly not cheap. It’s a mid-priced microphone, but it packs-in a lot of features under the hood, and is one of the best microphones on our list for uses outside of just streaming. If you are a hobby musician and enjoy recording tracks at home, Apogee has a track record in the studio business… delivering high quality products and giving you serious bang for your buck.

Apogee Mic Plus Key Features:

  • Professional condenser
  • Pure digital connection and pristine sound
  • 24-bit/96kHz recording rate
  • 46dB of preamp gain for high headroom


Well, there you have it. Our top 11 microphones to help you choose the best mic for YouTube gaming.

Whether you are new to the game or are looking to upgrade, this list will hopefully give you what you need to succeed.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Let’s keep the conversation going!

In the meantime, keep creating and doing what you love. Don’t overthink it. Choose a mic, order it, and then get back to streaming and gaming. Do your thing, be creative, and live out your dreams.

That’s the most important part of all of this!