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Rodrigo Hernandez

Rodrigo Hernandez

Rod began singing at the age of eight and growing up as a P.K., Rod got stuck on sound duty for his dad but quickly fell in love with live production. Getting into piano and other instruments in his teens set the stage for Rod to get addicted to recording, messing with Midi, and performing which lit a fire in him to figure out the whole game of stellar audio.

Rod has a bachelor's degree in music composition from the Universidad Nacional de Villa Maria and has performed all over the Americas. His middle name is “Research” and his hand is on almost every post we publish. We love asking Rod questions about sample rates, bits, frequency response and other necessary deep dive answers to people’s questions.

Rod speaks both Spanish and English but creates and publishes his music, podcast, and videos in Spanish.

You can hear his podcast by clicking here, and view his YouTube channel here.

You can also reach out to Rod on LinkedIn and check out his “self titled” home recording side hustle on Spotify here ->

Josh Krissansen

Josh picked up his first guitar when he was ten and got hooked! After earning a bachelor's degree in recording arts from the SAE Institute in Auckland, Josh then went to work in the recording and producing world. In addition to using his skills in the studio, Josh also began to record and produce projects from home. 

After transitioning to a mobile lifestyle, yep he wanted to be a nomad, Josh began writing about recording in and out of the studio and began writing for Microphone Basics in 2019. You can learn more about his current writing explorations and reach out to Josh on Instagram or his LinkedIn page here.

You can also check out Josh’s music side hustle he recorded himself, Take Hold, on Spotify here ->

Leigh Fuge

Leigh picked up the guitar at the age of twelve and hasn’t looked back. In addition to writing and consulting for Microphone Basics, Leigh is a sought out contributor for companies like PMT, Blackstar amps and Many amp, pedal and guitar manufacturer brands reach out to Leigh to test out gear and to create video demos for Youtube.

You can check out his channel here ->

He’s currently in the process of totally overhauling his studio to take his video and recording capabilities to the next level so he can create even better content for people to enjoy.

You can reach out to Leigh on his LinkedIn page, Instagram or Facebook and check out music he recorded in his home studio for his side hustle, Forever Vendetta, on Spotify here ->

Josh Lenz

Josh received an Oscar Myer Weiner whistle with two holes on it in the 4th grade and figured out how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb with it in minutes. His parents put him in band playing clarinet, but his love for music really picked up when he started sneaking his Dad’s acoustic and Mel Bay guitar chord book in Jr. High.

He bought a four track tape recorder when he was 16 and has been recording and writing tunes ever since. In college he was DJ for a radio show,, in the at that time underground Christian Rock scene.

He’s now a father of five and loves helping his kids grow in their creative ventures.

Josh is the CEO of operations for Mic Basics. He enjoys sticking questions for his family's recording and creative audio endeavors into our research.

You can reach out to Josh on LinkedIn here and check out his side hustle about living a creative, preferable life here

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