the BEST Lavalier Microphone

9 Best Wired & Wireless Lavaliers for Voice Recording in 2021

Have you ever wondered how YouTubers, filmmakers, presenters, news reporters, and others can get such clean audio with no noticeable microphone?

The answer most likely a lavalier microphone. They are the unsung heroes of the broadcast world.

Their discreet appearance and hands-free usability make them a mainstay in theatre, public speaking applications, TV, and YouTube videos.

They are considered one of the best options for capturing voice in videos or public speaking.

Lavalier microphones can also be referred to as a lav mic, lapel mic, or a collar mic, and they are somewhat a trick of the trade. They are small clip-on mics that can be discreetly attached somewhere on your clothing.

These convenient mics are available in both wired and wireless lapel options. Each having their own pros and cons. We have compiled a list of the best and most quality budget-friendly models for you to choose from.

A quality lavalier mic might be the hack that you need to upgrade your creations! If you want improved vocal while still appearing natural….. herein lies the secret.

Rode smartLav+
Flawlessly convenient, the Rode smartLav+ easily connects to your smartphone or tablet. Expect consistent recording at an affordable price!
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The Basics

A lavalier microphone, at least most of the time, has an omnidirectional polar pattern. That means a lavalier mic will pick up all the sounds around it, from every direction. It is an all-encompassing mic.

For that reason, there are some applications that just aren’t ideal for this type of mic… though these instances tend to be few and far between.

For example, if you end up mixing up some potato salad in your YouTube tutorial, you may get some squishing sound if you choose to use a lavalier microphone. Ew.

If you are in search of more focused sound capture, a shotgun mic may be better suited for your needs. A list of the leading shotgun microphones can be found here.

But if you want pristine omnidirectional audio delivered through a compact and concealed mic, you are in the right place.

Lavalier mics have a great variety of uses and should be in any creator’s or speaker’s mic arsenal.

From budget to wireless, for live applications and mobile phones, here are the best lavalier microphones…..

Top Pick for Mobile: Rode smartLav+ (wired)

Rode smartLav+
Flawlessly convenient, the Rode smartLav+ easily connects to your smartphone or tablet. Expect consistent recording at an affordable price!
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Compatible with any app that accepts headset input on mobile and tablet whether it be iOS or Android the Rode smartLav+ is a convenient option.

Compared to other top Rode lavalier mics like its predecessor the RodesmartLab, the Rode smartLav+ has been refined with improved detail and overall quality. Designed for film, television, and any broadcast scenario.

A lot of mic reviewers suggest either The Rode Smartlav+ or the Shure MVL. These two mics are very similar lavalier microphones, however, we picked the Smartlav+ over the MVL because of the overall sound quality and user experience.

The sound quality of the Smartlav+ is better than the Shure MVL because it gives better balanced frequencies and gives a great amount of signal to the mic, which means that you will not need max volume for it to have a decent sound.

The Smartlav+ is easier to set up than the Shure MVL and also very durable. 

It delivers excellent audio quality all in a wearable, discreet and portable format.

The Rode smartLav + is deserving of the place of leading lavalier mics for mobile!

Rode smartLav+ Key Features:

  • Condenser Microphone

As an omnidirectional condenser mic, the Rode SmartLav+ picks up and delivers detailed audio with ease. 

  • 60 Hz – 18 kHz

This isn’t the kind of ‘wide’ frequency response you would expect from a studio condenser. But if the goal is to capture your voice while recording on-the-go, the Rode SmartLav is most definitely capable of getting the job done. 

  • Includes: Mounting Clip, Pop Filter/Wind Shield

These extra accessories make the Rode SmartLav+ usable right out of the box. The pop filter/windscreen helps to cut out plosives and wind noise, and the included mounting clip makes it easy to attach the mic to your collar, your jacket, or anything else nearby. 

Is The Road SmartLav+ The Best Wired Lavalier For Mobile?

Yes. It delivers excellent quality all in a wearable, discreet and portable format. The Rode smartLav + is deserving of the place of best lavalier mic for mobile!

Best Wireless Lavalier Mic for Mobile: Samson Go

Samson Go

The Samson Go is built to the highest broadcast quality. Bound to take your speech recordings and broadcasts to new levels!

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To put it bluntly…… The Samson Go is the pinnacle of wireless lavalier microphones for mobile. Great audio is essential to your final product, and this best lavalier mic will elevate your sound quality to compete with the finest.

It is high definition and low latency, giving your films, blogs, streams, and videos professional results on the move.

The wireless capabilities have a long reach of 30 meters whilst maintaining quality.

If you need more convincing…… all cables are included with the Samson Go for easy connection with all devices. The perfect option for upgrading your mobile to professional tech.

Samson Go Key Features:

  • 10 Hz–22 kHz

This wide frequency response will give you exceptional audio clarity. 

  • Includes Microphone and Bodypack

Giving you both pieces empowers you to use it right out of the box, without the need to piece together a bodypack and a microphone on your own. 

  • Lithium-Ion Battery 

You get up to 13 hours of battery life with this body pack and mic, giving you plenty of time to run around and record away from the conveniences of modern civilization. 

  • Switchable 1/8” Headphone and USB Outputs

The receiver has the option for an analog output or a USB audio digital output, allowing you to plug your audio directly into your phone easily and without analog/digital issues. 

  • Mounts Directly To Your Phone

One of the coolest things about this receiver is that you can literally clamp it to your phone. This makes it easier than ever to film with your phone while still receiving and recording great sound from the transmitter and microphone.

Is The Samson Go The Best Wireless Lavalier Mic For Mobile?

Simply put, the Samson Go is literally the perfect option for upgrading your mobile to professional tech. It’s popular with filmmakers, bloggers, journalists, and anyone else who uses their phone to create video content in the field. 

Budget Pick for Mobile: Maono AU100

Maono AU100

The MAONO AU100 is a true bargain! If you're on a budget this mic will deliver loud and clear.

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Who doesn’t love a bargain? The Maono AU100 is just that!

Your podcast, YouTube video, or interview will be heard with immaculate clarity and all for an affordable price.

The 3.5mm jack is compatible with computers and smartphones. Furthermore, a 6.5mm adapter is included for use with more professional devices such as DSLR cameras.

This is a perfect option for beginners. The Maono AU100 doesn’t compromise on quality and will get you started working with a lavalier mic on the cheap.

Maono AU100 Key Features:

  • Quality Condenser Microphone

As an omnidirectional condenser microphone, the Maono AU100 gives you the power to capture high quality audio in a small, affordable package. 

  • 65 Hz – 18 kHz

This frequency response is surprisingly wide for a mic in this price bracket. It may not give you $10,000 audio… but it’ll certainly give you the ability to capture great vocal recordings with lovely highs, mids, and lows

  • Includes Accessories 

This kit comes with a controller (to turn the battery off and on), windscreen, adapter ( 3.5mm – 6.5mm ), batteries, mic clip, and flannel bag or storage. It comes with everything you need to start using it right away, right out of the box. 

Is The Maono AU100 The Best Budget Lavalier Microphone For Mobile?


This is a perfect option for beginners. The Maono AU100 doesn’t compromise on quality, and will get you started working with a lapel mic on the cheap.

Best DSLR Wireless System: Sennheiser AVX 

Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless Microphone Pro System
Film and video production will never be the same thanks to the AVX system. Slick and sharp audio will be gracing your work with elite performance.
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If you take your video production seriously then the Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless Microphone System is your match.

For such a classy piece of equipment, this system is remarkably easy to set up. All accessories are included to begin operating with camcorders and DSLR cameras in a flash. Notably saving time, the self-configuring digital transmission system makes timely radio frequency setup a thing of the past.

It switches on and off with your camera saving precious battery life. And with automated level control, it leaves you to concentrate on the job at hand. The Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless Microphone System will enhance your audio like no other.

Sennheiser AVX Key Features:

  • Condenser Microphone

The MKE2 omnidirectional lavalier mic accomplishes its goal: to be a simple, straightforward solution for providing great audio that still allows you to focus on the video. 

  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

The MKE2 provides a full 20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency range. This is just as good as the range on a lot of studio mics, which means that you can expect quality mids, lows, and highs from this mic. 

  • Lithium Batteries: 

According to the stats, you get approximately 4 hours of battery life with this kit when it’s fully charged. But you’ve also got the option to run on phantom power, or to recharge via micro USB or with portable boosters if you invest in them. All in all, the battery life on this kit is really good. 

Is The Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless Microphone System The Best DSLR Wireless Lav Mic System?

This isn’t what you would call a ‘budget’ kit. But, it’s the real thing

And if you’re looking to take your audio to the next level with dependable equipment that will continue to work for you for years to come, then making a larger purchase like this will actually save you money down the road. 

It’s dependable, professional, and just gets the job done right. 

Best Budget DSLR Wireless System: Rode Wireless Go 

Rode Wireless Go

Beautifully sleek and practically compact. Rode once again comes up with the goods with this affordable wireless system.

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You have to love Rode products! They always bring outstanding recording equipment within financial reach. The Rode Wireless Go System is no different.

This system is pushing boundaries. Rode claims it is the world’s smallest wireless lavalier mic system. We would struggle to argue with that statement. The transmitter can be used as a clip-on mic or a belt pack.

Whilst rather revolutionary, it is far from a novelty choice. It captures a pristine, broadcast-quality sound and all for under $300.

Rode Wireless Go Key Features:

  • 35 Hz – 22 kHz

The frequency response on this wireless lapel kit will give you lovely highs and surprisingly low ‘lows.’ Quality audio makes a video, and you can expect for this wireless kit to capture that for you. 

  • Battery Supply 

This kit includes two lithium ion batteries that power the units while they’re in use. You also gain the ability to recharge these batteries via USB. 

  • 70 meter Range

With a 70 meter line-of-site range, you can take video from a surprising distance away without experiencing interruptions to your audio. 

  • Output Connection: 3.5 mm Jack

The 3.5 mm jack gives you the power to plug directly into your DSLR: no fuss, no muss. 

Is The Rode Wireless Go System The Best Budget DSLR Wireless Lavalier Mic System?

Whilst rather revolutionary, it is far from a novelty choice. It captures a pristine, broadcast-quality sound, and all for under $300.

Best Wired DSLR Mic: Sony ECM-44

Sony ECM-44

The ECM-44 will engage an audience with its fine detail. When you and your broadcast are ready to share with the world this mic will do the rest.

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Sony has become a leader in lapel mics. The ECM-44 is guaranteed to deliver superior sound quality to your videos and presentations.

It is designed for voice pickup with an added emphasis on the mid-frequencies. This subtle response adds character and presence to the voice.

The Sony ECM-44 will deliver your message with clarity that is sure to engross your audience.

Sony ECM-44 Key Features:

  • Electret Condenser Microphone

If you’re looking for an audio upgrade with a wired DSLR camera, it doesn’t get much better than this omnidirectional, electret condenser lav mic from Sony. 

  • 40 Hz – 15 kHz

One thing that you’ll instantly notice with this mic is the richer, deeper low end it captures. When you compare it to the audio captured by cheaper mics, you’ll notice a very obvious and distinct difference in frequency width. 

The Sony ECM-44 just sounds better than a lot of its competitors. 

  • Long Cable Length 

A cable length of 3 meters gives you plenty of room to stand and move around a bit. 

  • Power Supply: 

This condenser mic requires a AA Battery (1.5 VDC) to power the mic. It doesn’t accept ‘normal’ phantom power, so using a battery is a must. 

Is The Sony ECM-44 The Best Wired DSLR Lapel Mic?


From crisp, clear audio, to amazing range, to a user-friendly design, the ECM-44 is certainly worth the cash, and doesn’t disappoint. 

Best Budget DSLR Wired Lav: PowerDeWise 

PowerDeWise Lavalier

Upgrading your studio need not break the bank. An improvement on any inbuilt mic found in camera or smartphone, the PowerDeWise is an affordable way to level up your productions.

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Introducing the PowerDeWise! So you’re ready to evolve your YouTube videos with a lapel mic. Recording your video audio from in-built mics just isn’t cutting it.

Just as you thought you’d been priced out of the market this mic is your savior. For DSLR and smartphones, you’re ready to go on the cheap.

Best lavalier mics require accurate voice reproduction….. check. Minimum visibility…… check. Compatibility….. check. The PowerDeWise does everything you need, and for under $25 you cannot lose.

PowerDeWise Key Features:

  • Plug and play – No drivers required

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Plug it into your recorder, smartphone, or DSLR, and go. 

  • 3.5mm TRRS jack

This mic comes stock with a 4 pin TRRS jack for phones. But use the included 3 pin converter to plug it into DSLR cameras, recorders, and computers. 

  • Ships with a 78” extension cord and protector case

These accessories help you to protect your investment and record from a longer distance. 

Is The PowerDeWise Lavalier The Best Budget DSLR Wired Lav?


It packs in so much value for the money that you really can’t beat it

If you have next to zero budget, but still need a lavalier mic that’ll upgrade your audio, this is the one for you. 

Best Lavalier for Live: Countryman B6

Countryman B6

The Countryman B6 is certainly something special. Combining professional audio quality in a compact mic it packs a punch.

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The Countryman B6 is durable making it an ideal mic for live performance. It will shine for all public speaking tasks regardless of the environment.

With the highest sound quality and excellent ability to reject the surrounding noise, it has graced the most demanding of stages. From theaters to newsrooms to film your sound quality will be in safe hands.

This mic is astonishingly small, making it easy to hide on a subject.

It comes complete with three protective caps that intelligently alter the frequency response. Make speech crisper or flatter by simply altering the cap. The Countryman B6 is a truly clever mic that will deliver with precision.

Countryman B6 Key Features:

  • Dynamic Microphone

As a dynamic mic, you won’t need to power this lavalier mic with phantom power or batteries. Set it up and go right out of the box. 

  • 20 Hz – 20 kHz

The frequency response on this lav mic is truly nothing short of amazing. It captures incredible audio, and really tends to shine when worn under the clothing. 

  • Weight: 0.07 oz (2 g)

This is probably the smallest, lightest-weight lapel mic you’ve ever seen. Since it’s a dynamic mic, it’s build is just so much smaller which makes hiding it a breeze. 

  • Cable length: 5.0′ / 152.40 cm

The cable gives you plenty of length if you’re going to attach to a portable recorder. There is more than enough cord to run from the center of your shirt, down to your belt, and around behind you so that you can capture the audio in a portable recorder, like the Zoom H1n Portable Recorder

Is The Countryman B6 The Best Lavalier Microphone For Live Use?


With its small size, brilliant audio capture, and ease of use, there really isn’t a better lav mic out there for live studio or performance use

Best Budget Mic for Live: Shure WL93

Shure WL93
A frequency response tailored to speech reproduction the WL93 offers full and clear sound quality.
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Good things come in small packages. The Shure WL93 is small in size and small in price, but large in value.

Catered for speech with a low-end roll-off and presence rise you will be delivering your broadcasts with precision and clarity.

If you find yourself recording outside, the acoustic windscreen is great at minimizing wind noise. Included is the pre-amp which can be pocketed or strapped to a pocket or belt.

The Shure WL93 is a tidy package bringing broadcast sound quality within reach of beginners.

Shure WL93 Key Features:

  • Condenser (electret bias) Microphone

As an omnidirectional lavalier electret-based condenser mic, the Shure WL93 does a superb job of delivering high-quality audio for a budget. 

  • 50 Hz – 20 kHz

This mic runs from nice lows, to powerful mids, to shimmering highs. If you’re looking for a budget lavalier mic that’ll give you fantastic live sound, this is the one. 

  • Cable 

The cable is black, and 1.27 m (4.17 ft) long. This makes it perfect for use on the body, with the lavalier clipped somewhere near the collar and a transmitter or portable recorder on the belt. 

Is The Shure WL93 The Best Budget Mic for Live Use?


It’s small, tailored to pick up dynamic speech, simple to use, captures and reproduces high quality audio, and doesn’t break the bank. 

What’s not to like?


So what is the best lavalier mic? That depends on your needs. The perfect lav mic for you will fit your scenario.

When it comes to finding the right mic, there are hundreds to choose from. It is important to consider the variables such as your budget and what device you will use. Once this has been established, an educated decision can be made to find your perfect sound.

Use our knowledge to your advantage. Any of these lavalier mics will deliver what you need to get great recording results.

Now that you have saved time….. use it wisely and prepare to make effective and monumental content for your needs!