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AKG Vocal Condenser Microphone Black Review


Quick Overview




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  • Durable, quality build
  • Great frequency range
  • Professional  sound pressure level at 150 dB


  • Heavy
  • Could be cheaper
  • No XLR connection cable

There are two main types of microphones: dynamic and condenser. While the first is more popular, the second is better for professional purposes. If you want to become a music artist or you are interested in recording podcasts or anything similar to that, you need a good condenser microphone.

The market is quite big, and finding an adequate mic shouldn’t represent a problem. Our recommendation is to check out e-commerce sites such as Amazon, as these provide the best offers. We did some research and came across the AKG Vocal Condenser Microphone. Is it worth the price and is there anything this mic lacks? Let’s have a look.

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AKG Vocal Condenser Microphone Black

A condenser microphone has multiple benefits over a dynamic mic for recording, and there is a good reason that it is pricier. The AKG Condenser Microphone was first released back in 2014 and is now one of the bestselling mics on the market. It is one of the higher-rated mics on Amazon and, with a huge frequency response range from 20Hz to 20kHz, there is no doubt that it is worth your attention.

Who is this product for?

This product is ideal for anyone who is interested in professional recording. While it is not the only thing that you will need, it is still a critical item because without a proper condenser microphone, you can’t expect to get high quality and clean sound.

It is considered to be in the mid-price range and while it is not as cheap as a basic dynamic microphone is, the AKG is a long-term investment for anyone who is serious about their recording career. Compact and simple to use, it is ideal for beginners and more experienced users as well.

What’s included?

This offer comes with a rugged condenser microphone, a metal case, and a shock mount that can play a huge role if you want to hang your microphone upside down. The only thing this offer lacks is an adequate XLR cable.

Overview of features

The AKG Vocal Condenser Microphone is a rugged and compact device that is going to provide top-notch sound quality.

While most condenser microphones are quite fragile and inadequate for outdoor use, this model is one of the sturdiest and can experience harsher conditions without much trouble. This is important if you perform in front of a live audience, and you want to have the best sound quality.

The frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHZ is ideal to cover more complex sound demands, and it has a fast transient response. The maximum sound pressure level is 150 dB which is in the range of high-end professional microphones.

As we mentioned above, the offer covers almost everything except the XLR connection cable which you will have to buy separately. The XLR cable will allow you to connect the microphone to any device that you will use for recording purposes.

Similar to most other condenser microphones, this one is quite sensitive (20 mV/Ap) and is perfect for home and studio use. The P220 is accurate, warm, and clean, even without a phantom power source. However, connecting it to adequate phantom power (48V) will leave you with phenomenal results, especially considering the given price.

It is versatile as you can record instruments and vocals, and with only a few settings, it is pretty simple to use. The two major cons are the fact that it is kind of heavy, and lacks more complex features for studio experts. Still, for the price you are paying, it is an excellent choice.

How to use it

There is nothing complicated about using it as the P220 comes with basic sound settings and clear instructions on how to connect it. You will need an XLR cable for connecting it to your mixer, and if you are interested in getting it to run on high-output speakers, you should invest in a preamp or an audio interface such as Alesis iO4.


Audio-Technica AT2020 Condenser Studio Microphone

A major disadvantage of the P220 is its weight and the price. On the other hand, the AT2020 may prove to be a great alternative – it is elegant, compact, light, and provides an extended frequency response. Good for home use, and perfect for studio use, with a sound pressure of 20dB, it is a great choice for people that respect a good mic.


If you are interested in performing live or recording in a studio, then getting a good condenser mic is a good decision. The AKG P220 Vocal Condenser Microphone is a great mid-priced microphone that will provide you with a clean and warm sound. Plus, it is rugged and compact, which makes it a long-term investment and a great deal.

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