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19 Top YouTubers, 159+ Million Subs, What Microphone Do They Use?

This post was most recently updated on June 16th, 2024

Running a YouTube channel, but struggling to get the audio clean and clear?

Or perhaps you’re thinking of starting a new channel, and you’re wondering what gear you need to buy to keep up with the pros.

Either way, you’re probably wanting to know what microphones YouTubers use. The truth is that there isn’t one single mic that every great YouTuber uses.

Just like every great guitarist has their own personal preference for what kind of instrument they play, and every painter prefers their own kind of brushes, choosing the best mic for your YouTube channel is a decision that needs to be made based on your own requirements.

For many, this involves hours and hours of internet searches, watching videos of all your favorite YouTubers, and trying to determine what mics they are using, and why.

Well, we’ve saved you the hard work by doing this research for you, and putting it all together in this handy guide.

In this article,

  • We first tallied up the top Microphones YouTubers Use, to quickly see at a glance these best YouTube microphones.
  • Because some of these mics are PRICEY, the next section will help you to learn what types of mics the pros are using to find the best microphone for you on a budget.
  • Then, we grouped these 19 YouTubers together by the type of content they produce, giving you a simple way to hear the microphones that will come alongside you in your content creator journey, all in one place.

What Microphones Do YouTubers Use?

We’ve pored through hours of content from the top 19 YouTubers right now, including guys like Joe Rogan, PewDiePie, and Gary Vee, and put together a list of all the mics these content creators are using.

With a combined subscriber count of 159 million+, they’ve got to be doing something right…

Here are the microphones these top YouTubers use:

Microphone Users
Shure SM7B 8
Rode VideoMic Pro+ 2
Rode Video Micro 3
Electrovoice RE20 2
Sennheiser Me 2-II 2
Rode Broadcaster 2
Neumann TLM 103 1
AKG C414 1
Rode NTG3 1
Shure MV51 1
Modmic 4.0 1
Rode Procaster 1
Sennheiser MKH416 1

You will notice a total of 28 mics, from 19 YouTubers. That’s because a few of them are using more than one mic, employing different mics for different purposes.

More on that soon.

Best Microphone for YouTubers?

As you can see from the above graph, the Shure SM7B is the microphone that most YouTubers use.

And though the Shure SM7B is one of the best microphones and might seem like the obvious choice, its nearly $400 price tag puts it out of reach for many budding YouTubers.

Luckily, there are a bunch of budget-friendly SM7B alternatives that compete well.

But let’s take a look at the types of microphones first, because you may come to learn that the SM7B isn’t the perfect mic for your specific YouTubing purposes!

What Type Of Microphones Are The Most Common?

many microphone types

What’s far more important than specific brand and model names is the type of microphones your favorite YouTubers are using.

The 28 mics above are made up of…

  • 11 – XLR Cardioid Dynamics
  • 7 – 3.5mm Supercardioid Condensers
  • 4 XLR – Cardioid Condenser Microphones
  • 2 XLR – Supercardioid Condensers
  • 2 – Wireless Omnidirectional Lavaliers
  • 1 – Unidirectional / Cardioid USB mic
  • 1 – Omnidirectional / Unidirectional Headset mic

There are basically three types of microphones in these top YouTubers’ arsenals:

  1. cardioid
  2. supercardioid
  3. and omnidirectional

These are the three microphone types that represent the various demands of all YouTubers.

Cardioid Microphones are Best for Most – 15 Of The 28 (55%)

Cardioid refers to the type of polar pattern the mic uses, which basically means – how sensitive the mic capsule is to sound coming from different directions.

Cardioid mics have a polar pattern that records audio from the front, less from the sides, and rejects recording sound from the rear.

This is ideal for most YouTube setups, as in these cases you are only wanting to capture sound from the person who is speaking.

11 Of The 15 Cardioid Microphones Are Dynamic Mics… But Why?

The two most common types of microphones are dynamic and condenser mics, and these terms refer to how the capsule is constructed and how it picks up sounds.

Dynamic mics have an extreme drop-off in sensitivity as you move further from the mic. That is why they are ideal for live performances and recording audio from home when your room noise situation is less than ideal.

Choosing the best for your budget dynamic microphone means you are less likely to pick up noise from computer fans, kids in the background, and your voice bouncing off of the walls, making them ideal for YouTube creators.

Condenser mics are incredibly detailed and sensitive, which is why they are the go-to microphone for recording in a studio.

However, as a result, they can often capture a lot of unwanted background noise… so choosing a condenser mic can be tricky, as it may depend on your room’s acoustic treatment.

The Next Most Common is a Supercardioid – 8 Of The 28 (29%)

Supercardioids are like cardioid mics on steroids. They offer an even tighter pickup pattern, with higher sensitivity from the front and much less from the sides.

Generally speaking, supercardioid polar patterns are used in mics that are designed to be mounted much further away from the speaker than a typical cardioid mic would be. There are a couple of different situations where this might happen.

Off Camera Supercardioid

Sometimes it just isn’t appropriate to have a microphone in front of your face while you speak.

Think about TV and film. How do they capture audio without a cardioid dynamic mic sitting right there with the actors?

Enter the supercardioid condenser, typically marketed as a ‘shotgun mic’. Shotgun mics are narrow, tube-shaped mics that are designed to be mounted on a boom arm.

shotgun on a boom

They pick up exactly what you point them at, and very little else. This is a result of the supercardioid pickup pattern.

If you can’t see a stand mounted or lavalier mic on screen, chances are that the YouTuber in-question has a shotgun mic mounted above their head while they’re shooting.

Camera Mounted Supercardiod – Best for Vlogging

The other type of supercardioid mic that YouTubers and vloggers use all the time is a camera mounted mic such as the top pick from these pro YouTubers, the Rode VideoMic Pro.

These are like miniature versions of shotgun mics, except instead of being mounted on the end of a boom arm, they simply attach to the top of your camera.

Just point, and shoot.

dslr shotgun for youtube vlogging

This presents you with some obvious mobility benefits. It makes your setup more portable, reduces the amount of gear you need to haul around, and gives you the power to ‘point and record’ without needing to worry about a boom arm.

This is why vloggers and YouTubers on-the-go almost always use camera-mounted shotgun mics. They are literally a must!

4 Of The 28 (15%) Are Omnidirectionals

Omnidirectional mics, on the other hand, aren’t sensitive to sound from any particular direction. In fact, they are designed to capture audio from all directions.

Most of the omni mics used by these YouTubers are lavalier mics, which clip onto the speaker’s tie or shirt.

When you’re using this kind of mic, you’re in danger of the speaker accidentally adjusting the mic position when they move. In this case, lavalier mics are ideal, as they are less likely to be affected by any movement.

Alright. Now let’s discuss more specifically which mics tend to be the most popular with which types of YouTubers.

In the following sections, you’re going to learn what mics are most popular with the most popular

  1. Gamers and streamers
  2. Vloggers
  3. Teachers, Coaches, and other talking heads
  4. Interviews/Podcasts on YouTube

This will help you to figure out what types of mics are being used for which purposes!

What Microphones The Top Gamers And Streamers Are Using

Gamers and streamers use YouTube as a main platform for their videos.

Here are the mics used by some of the top gamers in the industry.

1. PewDiePie – 103M Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
Just look at those subscriber numbers. You should know who PewDiePie is. His channel is the second most subscribed to on YouTube, being beaten only by Indian record label T-Series.

What mic is PewDiePie using?
Surprisingly, PewDiePie doesn’t use the SM7B, instead opting for the AKG C414 condenser mic.

Why is this mic a good choice for them?
The C414 is one of the most widely used mics in studio recordings. It’s a favorite on vocals, guitars, drums, basically everything.

Compared to dynamic mics like the SM7B or RE20, condenser mics typically offer a more refined high-end and are far more sensitive. In an ideal set-up, you could consider them to offer a ‘better’ recording.

This is of course very much dependent on the room you’re recording in, its ambient noise level, and any acoustic treatment.

Given PewDiePie’s success, it’s probably fair to assume he has a very well treated room, which means he can get away with using a beautiful condenser mic like the C414 without risking background noise getting in the way.

2. Flamingo – 4.74M Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
Flamingo is one of the biggest gaming channels on YouTube right now.

What microphone does Flamingo use?
His huge subscriber base is obviously making Flamingo a tonne of money, as the Neumann TLM103 is one of the most expensive mics in this review.

The TLM103 is a cardioid condenser mic, which naturally means it offers an incredibly clear, crisp audio signal.

This type of mic may not be suitable for all users, as they are very sensitive and are subject to picking up a lot of background noise. However, Flamingo typically records in a fairly isolated environment, which would minimize this risk.

3. EposVox – 208k Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
If you’re looking at purchasing a mic to start a game-streaming channel, you have to follow EposVox.

A Stream Professor, this channel is dedicated to providing tech advice to streamers.

What microphones are EposVox using?
Being a tech focused channel, it’s not surprising that EposVox uses a few different mics. He can regularly be spotted using the RE20;

But has also professed a love for the inexpensive Samson Q2U.

Why is this mic a good choice for them?
The RE20 is a cardioid dynamic mic with excellent sound, noise isolation, and build quality.

They aren’t cheap though, which is why EposVox recommends the Q2U for beginners. This mic is a fantastic option for streamers and YouTubers on a budget, offering a good level of noise rejection and audio recording quality.

What Microphones Are Top Vloggers Using

Vlogging is most certainly a YouTube-centric art form! But what mics can be found in use amongst the most popular vloggers?

1. Casey Neistat – 11.9M Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
Casey Neistat’s channel is a vlog that focuses on lifestyle, travel, and consumer tech.

What microphone is Casey Neistat using?
A Rode VideoMic Pro, attached to his camera.

Why is this mic a good choice for them?
A lot of Casey’s vlogs are shot on the go. From beaches in South Africa, to cliff jumping in St. Barths, to driving a $200,000 sports car in Las Vegas.

The VideoMic pro is a discreet way to capture high quality audio, as it literally clips to the top of your camera. You can take it anywhere and everywhere, and Casey Neistat has!

2. Kara and Nate – 1.33M Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
Following the dreams of couples the world over, Kara and Nate run a travel vlog, flying to exotic destinations from Peru to Philippines.

What mic are Kara and Nate using?
The little brother to Rode’s VideoMic Pro, the VideoMicro.

Why is this mic a good choice for them?
The VideoMicro is seriously tiny. Kara and Nate are constantly travelling, so packing light is a huge concern.

That’s why they use the Sony Alpha a6500 camera and the Rode VideoMicro. You could pretty much fit this setup in your back pocket!

The Rode VideoMicro still picks up seriously professional quality audio though, and it even comes with a Rycote Lyre shock mount for superior acoustic isolation.

Talking-Head YouTubers – What Mics Are They Using?

Talking head videos are among the most popular videos on YouTube. But, they can also be further divided into different categories.

These are some of the most popular categories of talking head video types, along with some of the biggest YouTube names in the industry who create videos within them.

Coaches, Leaders, & Teachers

1. Peter McKinnon – 4.54M Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
Peter McKinnon teaches viewers all about photography, cinematography, and vlogging.

What microphone is Peter McKinnon using?
It’s no surprise that Peter McKinnon is also a big SM7B user,

But he’s also known to use the Rode VideoMic Pro+.

Why is this mic a good choice for them?
Peter generally uses the SM7B for in-studio and home podcast-style recordings. This kind of mic isn’t appropriate for taking out on video shoots though, and because Peter teaches cinematography, he sometimes needs something more suited to that application.

The Rode VideoMic Pro+ is the perfect option for capturing audio alongside a video shoot, as it offers high quality audio and can literally clip on to the top of your camera.

2. Graham Stefan – 1.65M subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
You know those guys who shoot videos in front of luxury cars, telling you their success story about how they made a billion dollars selling blue widgets? Yeah, that’s Graham Stefan. Except he made his fortune in real estate (who didn’t…).

What mic is Graham Stefan using?
You’d think given the fortune Graham has made, he’d be recording with a gold-plated Telefunken mic, but in fact he keeps it pretty humble, clipping on a Sennheiser Pro Audio ME2-II for his YouTube videos.

Why is this mic a good choice for them?
Take a look at any of Graham Stefan’s YouTube vids, and you’ll notice a huge focus on aesthetics.

It’s part of his brand.

A big end-address dynamic mic in front of his face isn’t going to work with that image. So instead, Graham opts for the low-profile look of a lavalier mic, which still captures great quality audio, but retains the big-money look he’s aiming to achieve.

3. Think Media – 1.04M Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
Think Media is the YouTube channel of Sean Cannell, and is dedicated to helping content creators and YouTubers get the best out of their videos.

What microphones is Think Media using?
Sean uses the Shure MV51 digital condenser…

…as well as the Rode VideoMic Pro+

And VideoMicro models, when shooting.

Why are these mics a good choice for them?

You already know why the two Rode mics are a great choice, but what’s the deal with the Shure MV51?

It’s a pretty interesting looking mic, in fact it barely looks like a microphone at all. This baby is marketed as a “digital condenser mic” which basically means it’s got an audio interface built-in, as many USB microphones do.

What makes the MV51 special is it has a touch sensitive front control panel which works directly with the mic’s included recording app. Save yourself buying a dedicated audio interface by purchasing a USB mic like the Shure MV51.

4. Jeven Dovey – 470k Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
Jeven Dovey describes himself as a filmmaker and adventurer. This channel is all about storytelling and filmmaking, and he also runs a school called Creator Film School which focuses on the very same thing.

What microphone does Jeven Dovey use?
Jeven uses the Rode VideoMic NTG On-Camera Shotgun Microphone. You can’t see it in the video, but we found it in his equipment list on his website… and it works really well for him.

Why is this mic a good choice for them?
Jeven Dovey shoots a couple of different types of videos. Many of them are simply him in his home studio, speaking into a mic.

Some of them are of him on the go.

In both cases, the Rode VideoMic NTG gives him the versatility and fantastic audio he needs to get the job done the right way.

And it works, as evidenced by his fantastic audio!

Product Reviewers

1. Marques Brownlee – 10.7M Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
Marques Brownlee is one of the biggest consumer tech YouTubers out there, with over 10 million subscribers now.

What mics is Marques Brownlee using?
Depending on the video format, Marques will use either the Shure SM7B, combined with the Sennheiser MKH416.

Or the DPA 4060 lavalier.

Why are these mics a good choice for them?
You probably don’t need to hear for the eighth time why the SM7B is a great choice for YouTubers, you’ve probably even put it on the “dream gear” list by now.

Sometimes though, Marques needs a mic that will deliver superior audio quality while staying off camera. For this, he chooses the Sennheiser MKH416.

The MKH416 is a short shotgun mic, which means it’s mounted overhead and outside of the shot.

Shotgun mics are incredibly directionally-sensitive, meaning they’ll pick up exactly what they’re aimed at, and pretty much nothing else. This is exactly what Marques needs when he’s shooting these kinds of videos for his YouTube channel.

2. Linus Tech Tips – 10.4M Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
This channel is all about consumer tech. From the Tesla Cybertruck, to video production, to the latest iPhone.

What microphone is Linus Tech Tips Using?
For on-site video shoots, Linus uses the Rode Videomic Pro.

But, you can also see him using the ModMic 4.0 attached to a set of headphones for his ‘storytime’ style videos.

Why is this mic a good choice for them?

The Rode Videomic Pro is a great choice for capturing audio during a video shoot, as it mounts directly to your camera and features a broadcast quality condenser capsule.

On the other hand, the ModMic 4.0 is all about flexibility. It’s designed to be attached directly to your headphones, providing a discreet and simple way of capturing your voice while listening back on your favorite set of cans.

This mic is amazing for those who have a set of headphones they love, and want a way to record their voice without a huge mic and boom arm sitting in front of their face.

3. Parker Walbeck – 923k Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
Parker Walbeck is a channel all about filmmaking and videography. It focuses on equipment reviews, as well as in-depth tips and tutorials.

What microphone is Parker Walbeck using?
Parker uses a couple of different mics, depending on his requirements. He can most commonly be seen using the Shure SM7B;

But also very regularly uses the Rode NTG3, which is positioned off camera.

Why is this mic a good choice for them?
The SM7B is, of course, a great choice for up-close voice recording. In some scenarios, though, it isn’t appropriate to use a mic on-screen, which is when Parker grabs his NTG3.

The NTG3 is a shotgun mic, which is very widely used in the film and TV production industries, which is probably why he’s so fond of it in this format.

4. Potato Jet – 573k Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
It seems like all of these filmmaking YouTubers are friends! Potato Jet has featured in a couple of Matti Haapoja’s videos, as well as shooting his own videos primarily focused on filmmaking gear.

What mic is Potato Jet using?
Another SM7B fan – are you noticing a trend here?

Why is this mic a good choice for them?
Potato Jet shoots product reviews in a ‘direct-to-camera’ style, with B-roll of the product in action cut in between his dialogue.

He appears to shoot in a film studio, and chances are there is some stuff going on in the background while he works. This makes the SM7B the perfect choice, as it isolates his voice from any unwanted background noise.

How-To Video Makers

1. Matti Haapoja – 858k Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
Another filmmaking YouTuber, Matti Haapoja has even collaborated on videos with Peter McKinnon.

What microphone is Matti Haapoja using?
The Shure SM7B.

Why is this mic a good choice for them?
Matti often has guests on his channel, and uses an SM7B to record clean audio that is focused directly on the speaker.

2. Nick Nimmin – 542k Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
Nick Nimmin is the YouTuber, for YouTubers. His entire channel is dedicated to providing YouTube tips and ideas. If you’re starting up a channel, this is definitely one to watch.

What microphone is Nick Nimmin using?
Nick is a huge fan of Rode mics, using both the Broadcaster and the VideoMic Pro.

Why is this mic a good choice for them?
You couldn’t ask for a more suitable duo. The Rode Broadcaster was developed as a direct competitor to the SM7B and RE20, which have dominated the broadcasting industry for years now.

The Broadcaster is actually a condenser mic though, so it needs a really well treated room to prevent any unwanted background noise. Luckily, Nick Nimmin has just that.

Sometimes though, Nick shoots video on the go. In these cases, the Broadcaster and necessary set-up just aren’t practical. Enter the VideoMic Pro, which is far more compact and therefore better suited for location-based shooting.

3. DSLR Video Shooter – 458k Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
As probably guessed, this channel is all about shooting video on DSLR cameras.

What mics does DSLR Video Shooter use?
First off, you will notice that he’s using the Rode VideoMicro in this video.

But he sometimes uses the Rode Wireless Go, such as in this vid…

You can also see, in this video, how he sometimes uses the Rode VideoMicro, but with a windscreen.

Why are these mics a good choice for them?
Rode’s VideoMicro is one of the smallest format microphones available. Its cardioid condenser design makes it incredibly sensitive, accurate, and directionally-responsive.

Exactly what you want when capturing audio to accompany your DSLR videos.

And of course, the Rode Wireless Go is another awesome mic! It definitely provides that supercardioid polar pattern, with crystal clear audio.


1. Powerful JRE – 7.89M Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
If you don’t know about Joe Rogan and his podcast channel Joe Rogan Experience, then you don’t know podcasting.

JRE has been around for 10 years and has almost 1500 episodes under its belt, discussing topics ranging from martial arts, to elk meat, to aliens, conspiracy theories, and politics.

What mic is Powerful JRE using?
The Shure SM7B – what else?

Why is this mic a good choice for them?
Joe Rogan is one of the reasons this mic is so damn popular among YouTubers.

People have even been known to refer to it as ‘the Joe Rogan mic’.

JRE is shot in a studio where Joe and his guest(s) sit opposite each other, so being a cardioid dynamic, the SM7B is a great choice for picking up each speaker’s voice individually while rejecting the sound coming from the other side of the table.

2. No Jumper – 3.32M Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
Run by internet personality and record exec Adam22, No Jumper is a hip-hop and pop culture oriented podcast style channel.

What microphone is No Jumper using?
Adam primarily uses the SM7B, and in some cases he has been seen using as many as four at the same time!

He also uses the ElectroVoice RE20, though this tends to appear in older videos.

Why is this mic a good choice for them?
The SM7B is an ideal choice for in-studio podcast recording.

No Jumper typically has at least one guest on the show, so using two dynamic microphones allows Adam to isolate the recording of each voice, resulting in a clean and clear production.

3. Gary Vee – 2.62M Subs

What is this YouTuber’s channel all about?
Gary Vee’s channel is all about entrepreneurship, marketing, and business, as well as covering family and life-related topics.

What microphone does Gary Vee use?
Gary can be seen using a couple of different mics.

In many of the videos he shoots from his office, he’ll use a Shure SM7B.

However, he has also been spotted using the Sennheiser Pro Audio ME2 lavalier mic, where appropriate.

Why is this mic a good choice for them?

His use of the SM7B goes without saying, it’s simply a classic. Not only that, he shoots a lot of content from his office, and there’s probably a lot of noise going on in the background.

By using a dynamic mic like the SM7B, Gary Vee can minimize the amount of ambient noise sneaking into the mic.

He uses the Sennheiser Pro Audio ME2 in chat show type setups, where he is interviewing someone else.

This makes a lot of sense. You can’t sit in a chair having a coffee and then stick a big boom and mic in front of your face. That’s just uncomfortable, plus it doesn’t make for great video content, hence the use of a lav mic.