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​Whether you are a professional voice actor, an up-and-coming ​YouTuber, an aspiring ​podcast or a professional content marketer… The quality of your audio is going to make or break your production.

​in the quality of your audio is directly related to the quality of your microphone and recording gear…

It is nearly impossibleto "improve" an audio track that was recorded with a crappy microphone or rubbish cables that adds a hiss, a droning sound, room reverb or an echo…

The moment of recording is everything.

The quality of your microphone, your cables, your input devices are what make that recording sound professional and in many cases usable for your final production.

​This website was started by two friends who have been in the recording and publishing industry for over 20 years.

From recording podcasts and YouTube videos… To ​Jamming with other musicians and live musical performances​​...

​F​rom free level audio-content published to SoundCloud, YouTube, podcasts and more…

​To the tens-of-thousands ​of paid MP3s they've sold on CDs and as digital downloads, through the years…

​There was no trustworthy resource to help us find the budget friendly and extremely high quality microphones we use professionally to this day…

​Sure there are a ton of angry discussions from professional audiophiles about why every microphone sucks on the most common ​gear forms...

​​But for normal people, these types of bickering and arguing over which microphone is best serves no purpose.

you need a quick and honest review of the best microphone for your situation whether you are searching for the best ​​condenser mic for vocals, best USB microphone for podcasting or the best microphone for your DSL​R so you can make great YouTube vlogs.

So we decided to dig through our current microphones we use for video, for audio only… We decided to compare them to the microphones we've tried in the past… We've even consulted with our other audio professionals to get their opinions…

​The mission here at is to make sure you have access to the most trustworthy microphone reviews found online... ​

So you can find the exact right microphone for your specific needs and move on to creating epic audio content your audience will love!

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